Music label, artist collective and event creators to promote electronic music, arts and support emerging artists.

Our collective includes djs, producers and sound artists with different musical proposals, oriented towards experimentation, dance and a deep search for a personal sound.

Connecting trough visual arts, lights/arts installation, performances and electronic music. All the activities and releases from our label are carefully curated and collaborative worked, seeking and promoting gender equality, inclusion and artistic freedom.

As record label we focus on release and promote music with content and artistic concept, related to styles like Techno, IDM, Minimal, Deep Techno, Acid, Electro or Ambient. We work to spread original conceptual music beyond the commercial and and conventional scenes.



Curated podcast with record label’s sound related. Music from our label artists and invited musician with dj sets and live set, to promote emerging artists, going from experimental to dance music.


Stansa events brings arts & music to your celebrations. With different musical proposals, full equipment, markets and art experiences, We create unique events, art concepts and music curation to promote your place and bring new audience to your location.


We are a collective group of independent artists passionates for electronic music and arts. From djs, music producer, sound artists, to performers, we work collaborative to bring music with content and create unique events. Stansa it’s not a booking agency, but we work together to develop and empower artists carrers.

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